Wrapping up NHSmash 3


Saturday night concluded NHSmash 3, one of the few premier dutch tournament series for smashers. The BYOCrew has done it again: we have put up a great show, the production value was once again revolutionary and almost every attendee had a great time! NHSmash is slowly setting foot as an event well run and liked by everyone, and we’re very happy about that!

We sat together to review our tournament, so we can run it better in the future!


We’ve had a rough start – as it has been a while since we’ve run a bigger tournament before. Combined with a crash of our main TO’ing program and people running in late due to the weather you have a great mix of ‘let’s get started!‘. There were a few hiccups during the transition from doubles to singles but largely all players knew where they had to be and when. Moreover, there was very little down time between matches on the stream; content was mostly very fluid with few pauses.

On the Melee side of things we have nothing to comment about, we’ve had a lot of help from the community and some of the players decided to pick up the task as TO. The melee-tournament ran smooth as butter.
For Smash4, not everything was a-okay; people who were on commentary were sometimes delaying the bracket and as our house-casters were also playing in bracket the spots couldn’t be taken over. The top 8 took 2 hours and 55 minutes.

One dedicated TO should eliminate a lot of problems as a lot of the complications were created by the crew switching roles very often. This is something we shall focus on in the future.


NHSmash3 was an experimentation in it’s whole. For stream: Binkie and Lonpos decided to do the impossible and worked approx. 336 hours on creating an animated portrait for every Smash4 characters on stream. These were recorded, edited, rendered, rendered again and programmed to fit into the scoreboard: Binkieboard. We were very happy to see the positive feedback in the crowd and in during the Twitch-chat. Also did we have another design overhaul and we’re very happy with the current look and feel of the NHSmash series.

This was also our first Tournament that we featured both popular SmashBros. games (Melee and Smash4). Sadly there weren’t a lot of players due to an unfortunate placing of the date and maybe because the melee community doesn’t know NHSmash too well. But the overall feedback from the Melee community was positive and if we were to host it again the community would have a higher number of attendees.

BYOC has never been afraid to experiment and take risks with the tournament. The things we’ve introduced this time may or may not come back to next event, but those that do are sure to be streamlined and the issues with each experiment are sure to be ironed out. There were a lot of ideas which would make the event legendary but all those ideas would take a lot of time. We wanted this third edition to be a safe step also and not going too crazy with new ideas. So we’ve settled to include Melee and that’s that. We’re are always seeking to improve the SmashBros. experience for all.


A significant part of what make the NHSmash series so hype is the venue. Koel310 may not be the best location for travel or tourism, but the biggest benefit of its location is that it gives a vibe of “E-Sports” which maybe can’t be found at other dutch majors. It’s a large room complete with a bar, smoking area, stage and professional lighting and, more importantly, more rooms for in the future to expand to.

As promising as it sounds, the venue also has it downsides; as said above, Koel310 is located in Alkmaar – the topwest part of the Netherlands. If it were to be held in, like, Utrecht ? most of the people would have to travel less.
There were also a lot of people who said the venue is cold, the venue maybe be too big to handle proper heating as we will look into it more.


Ultimately, while the production values are great and the tournament running ‘smoothly’ is part of a great experience, NHSmash3 would be nothing without you guys.It was our biggest tournament filled with players who were all there for ‘just’ a game.
There were no bad bloods beyond the occasional salt, no negative feelings or outbreaks. Everybody just had fun.

As there was place for the audience to cheer for or against another. NHSmash3 is a reminder of the key parts of our community: that we all support and care for one another, that we’re all nerdy Nintendo fanboys, and that we all have a deep deep passion for the Smashgames.

Thanks for reading!

– Lonpos  :pacman:

Results can be found here:
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See the matches for yourself!
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