A shift in the European scene?


Hey everyone, Lonpos here

As you might have noticed, there has been quite a bit of discussion about the European Smash Wii U Ruleset lately and to be more specific: the stock count. The majority has had the preference for 3 stocks for some time but nowadays it seems that more and more people are pleading for 2! We (BYOC) want to give the 2 stock format a chance and see how it all turns out in the Netherlands. That is why we’ve decided to change the upcoming 4 tournaments to the 2 stock format; starting with Counterpick 30.

We will use these tournaments to gather information from different perspectives: the player, the viewer, the TO and the streamer. Two of those perspectives come directly from us (TO and streamer) and for the other two we will survey personally.
After the ‘research’ period we can discuss the results with other TO’s in the Netherlands to come up with a conclusion.

Will this be the new era of 2 stock matches in the Netherlands? or is it just not our cup of tea? Hopefully we will all soon find out.
I, personally, am very excited for 2 stocks and can’t wait for the next tournament to begin. Sign up now!

See ya! – Lonpos :pacman:

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