Personal SDW Recap

I can’t believe it has been almost a week, but Smashdown World is behind us and with that my first real OOC tournament. The tourney itself was really controversial due to the schedule, planning and whatnot, but here I want to focus on my personal experience. Our stay was a nice and clean AirBnB at a five minute walking distance from the venue. I stayed here with Gijsbeer, Joey and Tatuman, who are all great company.

The stream schedule was uncertain upon arrival, but luckily we quickly managed to put something together that suited everyone. Doing five hours in one day was not something I had taken into account, but I was eager to seize this opportunity of a lot of screen time at a big tournament. And I’m glad I did. Meeting and working with new commentators like M32 was fun and exciting. Even better was doing top 64 with friend and BYOC- teammate Gijsbeer. We had good synergy and were blessed with the best sets I’ve ever had the privilege to commentate. I’ve watched a good amount of the vods back and still see room for improvement. Nonetheless, I’m happy with how we did and seeing the work I put in coming to fruition. I’ll keep working hard on my commentary skills to improve the Smash viewing experience for you guys!

Bracket was a complete joke, since I had been doing commentary and didn’t have time to practice. John’s left aside; I didn’t play bad, but my opponents made the most of the moments where it counted. After the tourney in a local kebab joint, I had a good talk with Izaw about tourney mentality. Hopefully with that in mind I’ll be able to perform better in the future.

I had great fun filling up my ‘Smash Bible’ meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. The community is growing and I’ve learned that you can’t underestimate ANYONE. I can’t wait for Beast 7, to hopefully show what I can do on commentary as well on the sticks.

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