New Tournament Schedule Aims To Organize The Dutch Smash Scene

The website’s schedule has gotten one major update this week. This update gives (Non-BYOC) Tournament Organizers acces to our website so they can create their own events and publish them directly on the agenda.

The key focus of this schedule-update is to resolve some clarity issues within the scene. There are many ways to let people know you’re holding a tournament and with a enormous growth of TO’s in the Netherlands this year it was getting very confusing for the whole scene where to look. Now the TO’s can band together to create a clear list of upcoming events.

We want to give the organizers proper tools to make their event look good and run well. By giving constant support we will “train” everyone who is willing to pick up the art of organizing, adding a registration page will be our next step so that everything can be fixed on the same website.

What else? Regular visitors already have seen a little update on our schedule which is worthwhile to talk about: Filters!
Yes, we have filters now! That means searching for those melee-only events will be a breeze. Or looking for some Major tournaments in the Netherlands? no problem, the size is also a filter.
Other things we’ve included as filters: Organizers, Province and Cap. (These might change in the future!)

The new filter feature looks great and makes searching for particular events much easier!

All this is still under construction, we’ve let the current TO’s know that the schedule excists and some of them already have started making events. Watching the numbers of events grow makes me feel great! It’s so cool!

It’s only a matter of time untill all (dutch) TO’s will operate under our new schedule and the visitors will have a clear view of what the Netherlands has to offer.
Check out the schedule for more details on what’s coming.


– Lonpos  :pacman:

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