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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the premiere London Smash tournament, proudly presented by DAT team!

With a 320 cap for both Melee and Smash 4, plenty of set ups and high quality streams it’s not an event to miss!

Albion 2 is the followup to last years Landmark event Albion 1, Which saw DAT teams first foray into running Smash 4, Melee and Project:M all at the same event. This time around, we’re focusing our energies to Smash 4 and Melee, and we can guarantee you that this tournament will feature our trademark organisation and timekeeping, and bringing it to you on the grand stage of the biggest multi-game Smash tournament in the UK!

With over 30 monitors and 30 CRTs, alongside a multi-faceted venue capable of hosting over 500 attendees, expect to see competitors travelling from all across Europe…and there’s even rumblings of seeing players from other continents too. No-one can tell you who will come out on top of this, but you CAN be sure that this will be a smash event the UK will never forget!


—– 1. Tournament Pricings —–

Venue Fee: £25
Smash 4 Singles: £10
Melee Singles: £10
Smash 4 Doubles: £5 each
Melee Doubles: £5 each

—– 2. Schedule —–

Spreadsheet on the event found here:

—– 3. Travel Information —–

The Bridge Academy,
Laburnum St,
United Kingdom,
E2 8BA

Outside view:

The Nearest stations are ‘Hoxton’, ‘Haggerston’, ‘Cambridge Heath’ & ‘Bethnal Green (central line)’

London Train map (With local stations highlighted in lime green):http://i.imgur.com/gwQtR7J.png

Local map, with nearby stations highlighted: http://i.imgur.com/XQAYVWd.png

London Train Status/Closures: https://tfl.gov.uk/tube-dlr-overground/status

—– 4. General Information —–

-This tournament is BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller).

-All controllers are permitted except for the WiiU Gamepad for smash 4. Wireless Pro controllers must have batteries removed between games. If your controller interferes with a tournament game because it was not disconnected, you will forfeit your next game.

-DO NOT leave the venue during your pool. Schedule for the event will be put up at least a day before the event. Please plan accordingly.

-During pools, please stay with your group at all times. If you can’t be found during your pool matches, you face disqualification.

-At this time, we can not allow alcohol into the venue. If you are found to have alcohol, we will confiscate it. This may change later on.

-Absolutely no illegal substances allowed. If you are have any of these on you at this event, you will be removed from the venue and banned from future events.

—– 5. Food&Drink —–

-Light refreshments will be for sale in the venue.

-You are welcome to bring your own food and drink into the venue, but please do not leave a mess.



Albion 2


1 July
2 July




Smash 4, Melee


The Bridge Academy
Laburnum St
London, E2 8BA United Kingdom
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