Calling all replays ! – Making a new trailer

It has been a while since we’ve posted something new on our website. We’ve talked about going to beast and new loyalty badges for our Twitch-chat. But besides that ? Everything is just running smoothly and it’s hard to find something to write about. That is why I’m dedicating this post for a community call-out! I need something from you!




NHSmash3 is on the rise and we would like to ‘enhance’ the hype around this Tournament. So, we came with the idea to make a cool/edgy/epic trailer that will ignite the spark for everyone to come by! I am quite handy with digital effects and making a montage of videos but the only missing is, you guessed it, footage!


That is where you guys come in, I need sick combos and creative moments!
That sick read into an upsmash (or even better: falcon knee)? I want them all!.
WiiU owners will have a breeze by adding me on their friend list and sending the replays from their own console through the internet. I haven’t been able to figure ‘it’ out for GameCube/Melee yet, any help for that part would be appreciated. Contact me!

Edit: My NNID is Lonpos, for those who seek to send replays

With combined effort we can make a slick looking trailer, and you will be a part of it!
– Lonpos  :pacman:

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