ZantG talks about his Beast 7 experience

What a journey Beast 7 was. Well, actually still is since I’m writing this from the car on our ride back home (currently in Denmark with eleven hours to go). This marks my first three day tournament and also the most intense and rewarding Smash experience so far. That extra day adds a nice cushion for me to be able to do more friendlies and hanging out with people in general. Binkie and Lonpos are without a doubt the hardest workers at BYOC, but between casting, acting as errand boy, helping out where I can, taking pictures and filling up my ‘Smash Bible’, I struggle to find the time for that oh so important freeplay.

Speaking of the Bible, I’m glad I had the opportunity to catch a lot of top Melee players. Shout outs to Milktea for being a kind, warm person and the ‘Smash Sisters’ band, Sfat for being really enthusiastic about the Bible, and The Moon for being a chill, humble and genuine guy (I hope we can do those Smash 4 friendlies someday).

When it comes to casting and playing, I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. As a commentator I’m pretty comfortable as the person that brings the spice to the table, but I need to work on getting my thoughts straight before I speak, properly dosing my excitement and articulation. As a player I’m reaching a point of consistency I’m satisfied with, though of course I need better fundamentals in general. OPTO and I almost made it out of doubles pools (I still feel bad for duffing you in that deciding moment) and a 3-2 result in singles marked my best performance in a pools environment. It’s nice to see steady improvement, instead of just focusing on the negative. Top 64 next year for sure!

I’m proud of all my BYOC-boys and the hard work they put into their own specialty. This includes S1 for his stellar performance (seeing you glide over Battlefield is something else). I firmly believe we have the tools to mean something special to this community. The opportunity to stream the largest European Smash tourney after only 1,5 years of experience is insane. We’re all thankful for the trust to show we got what it takes, which we luckily did! The payoff was an immense increase in follower and by far our biggest viewership peak.

Working together with the Beast crew was nothing short of amazing. Thank you VJ and everyone else for the impeccable To’ing and general running of such a big event. I loved that you always took the time to listen to what we had to say. Special shout out to G~P for next level To’ing. It’s rare to see such command and control over everything bracket related. DAT-Team along with every other British player I talked to were lovely. I look forward to visiting you guys at Albion, but mostly to hopefully working together on something unique.

Lastly, but certainly not last are the players. Thank you for the knowledge, games and more importantly the laughs and top tier trashtalk. I don’t want anyone to feel left out, but I need to make some special mentions. Izaw for the instructive friendlies and once again great talks, Nesstea for always believing in me and being good company in high or low, Arániko for giving me the honor of being the first player to sign your controller (sorry I botched the writing), Design out of Shield for the beautiful controller that I will cherish for as long as possible, Jeapie for showing interest in the Dutch Smash 4 scene (I’ll make sure to attend a Melee tournament soon!), Shuc for being a ‘koele kinker’, the Dutchies for their performances and the photographers for leaving us with tangible memories. Not to mention the guy that was playing on the setup next to me, talking down on himself about ‘not being good enough to give others worthy training’; never do that again in your fucking life. New friend and newer friends, I hope to see you soon.

Appreciation for my work on the mic and as a player will come with time and effort. For now I’m more than happy to put a smile on people’s faces with my (corny) jokes and being part of an organization that’s not only at the forefront of helping the EU scene grow and produces high quality content to boot. With seven hours left on our car ride, feeling exhausted and a little sick, I look back at Beast 7 with nothing but content. Time to catch a quick ‘ronkie’.

Ps. The hotel lobby afterparty was liiiiiiiiit! My dude that went in with almost an hour of freestyle bars on any instrumental we threw at him; you’re a fucking God!!! You went beyond the point of insanity and I loved every second of it.

Pps. Don’t think I would forget about you Lonpos. I love you man! Stay crazy.

– ZantG :bayonetta:

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