We have a mission

BYOC’s mission is to develop the European eSports, particularly within the Smash Bros scene. Starting with the Netherlands. The dream started when both nephews attended a smash tournament in the Netherlands. Lonpos just graduated from Art School and was looking for way to combine both passions in one; Games and Theatre. Binkie decided to cut the cord and began hosting a tournament. Lonpos saw the potential of their combined workforces and quickly joined. Those forces combined seemed to match perfectly and now they both have the desire to grow and show the love they have for the Smash bros community. More people were eager to join the BYOCrew and now, with the help of the full team, we’ve established two tournament series within the Netherlands and we’ve grown to the premier streaming source of the dutch scene! With this website Lonpos & Binkie hope to achieve a focus point for the audience, which can be seen as a hub for fellow gamers in the Smash bros community.

Our achievements

NHSmash Series

A national with an edge

Counterpick Series

The heart of the Community


We’re streaming in the Netherlands AND Europe now!


Pro Players and Streamers alike!


Always more, always better!