2GG Civil War – Smash Bros. Community comes through for S1!

The stakes are high at the most important Smash 4 tournament to date! (2GGaming)

On March 24th to 26th, 2017, 2GGamings tournament: Civil War will commence. The most hyped up tournament of 2017 will feature a lot (all) of top players and an immense high price pot. This is a tournament so important you need to be there as a pro player!

The compendium

During the upcoming weeks of the tournament, 2GGaming held numerous polls to decide which top players would get shot at coming to the tournament in the so-called compendium and our very own S1 was featured.

It was looking like a clear case for S1 to win the polls but the Japanese pac-man player Tea won by a last minute tie-race. Unfortunately (for Tea) he couldn’t make it to attend the tournament so the spot in the compendium went to S1.

But there was a catch.

S1 needed an immense amount ($1000,-) to be flown to the U.S within less than a week. Luckily for him the goal on the website was bugged and showed the first two days $500,- to be needed. Making it seem easier for S1 to reach his goals as the donations came pouring in.

The last hours

After Smash.GG updated the goal to $1000 things got tense. Mr.R streamed on several occasions trying to host a donation drive for his man, the community tweeted out and posted.
But with one day to go and $500 needed? things were looking grim.

With one hour to go before the compendium was coming to a close, S1 needed a miracle.

And the miracle happened.

Mad Ice King from the Dutch smash community came through with a huge donation closing the gap between 68% and 100% making everyone go wild. Everyone went wild, praised MIK for his action as S1 is flying to America now to compete with the best. You could say that was a wild night for all of us.

So, speaking on behalf of BYOC, thank you Mad Ice King. Thanks to the Smash Bros. Community for giving Bart ‘BYOC S1’ Ploegmakers that opportunity to compete in America. We all know he has to potential to do something great! Let’s go S1!


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