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The rising SmashBros. broadcasting organization from the Netherlands!
We aim to develop the european Smash Bros. scene

BYOC’s mission is to develop the European eSports, particularly within the Smash Bros scene. Starting with the Netherlands. The dream started when both nephews attended a smash tournament in the Netherlands. Lonpos just graduated from Art School and was looking for way to combine both passions in one; Games and Theatre. Binkie decided to cut the cord and began hosting a tournament. Lonpos saw the potential of their combined workforces and quickly joined. Those forces combined seemed to match perfectly and now they both have the desire to grow and show the love they have for the Smash bros community. More people were eager to join the BYOCrew and now, with the help of the full team, we've established two tournament series within the Netherlands and we've grown to the premier streaming source of the dutch scene! With this website Lonpos & Binkie hope to achieve a focus point for the audience, which can be seen as a hub for fellow gamers in the Smash bros community.

  • Technical SKILLS

    We keep moving forward with the newest technologies and we work hard to keep ahead of time.


    With two series in the Netherlands we've acquired the necessary skills to organize a Tournament smoothly.


    We provide enthousiasts a space to learn. Many shoutcasters have flourished. Now is the time to polish their strenghts


    We all have deep passion for the Smash Bros series and continue to do so. We will work hard for you and the community!


These people make BYOController happen at the moment.
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Robin Logger

Co-Founder, Streamer, Webmaster.
Binkie kickstarted BYOC by hosting their first tournament together with Lonpos. He has a great knowledge of streaming and programming.
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Roland Volbeda

Co-founder, Streamer, Designer.
Lonpos is the Co-Founder & President of the BYOC crew. Designing overlays for stream, driving around equipment and managing the stage are just a glimpse of tasks he’s doing.
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Gijs van Dieren

Gijsbeer quickly became a part of BYOC by shoutcasting at our tournaments. Together with ZantG they are involved in the area of Utrecht.
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Filip Ferenc

TO, Commentator
BYOC | ZantG is the fifth add to our family. He is there when needed – Helping the tournament to run smoothly or by joining Gijsbeer at the commentary.
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Bart Ploegmakers

Pro Player
S1 joined our forces to represent our tag during Tournaments, generating exposure. We help him by providing financial support.
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Wesley Meijer

TO, Event Management
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Wendel Rebel

Caster, Content Management

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