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The BYOC team is happy to announce that we are chosen as main Smash for Wii U. streamer at BEAST 7 this February! Together with GeekyGoonSquad we will be broadcasting the tournament on the internet.
In the past year we’ve had many accomplishments, but this will be our biggest achievement yet.

BEAST is a yearly international tournament held in Gothenburg that features top of the line players in various Super Smash Bros. titles. First held in 2011, it is the biggest European Super Smash Bros. Melee series and has featured notorious players such as Armada, Leffen, Mango, Ice, Professor Pro, Amsah and others. Past highlights include BEAST 3 marking the first showing of Melee god Mango outside the United States, BEAST 4 being the first time Leffen defeated Armada in a tournament and BEAST 5 featuring the biggest European Melee and Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments ever held in Europe – before being surpassed by the BEAST 6 versions of the same tour.
Quote from the official BEAST website

This could mean that there will be some turbulence regarding the regular streaming/organizing schedule, but, Gijsbeer, ZantG, Nesstea, Binkie and myself will make sure to do the be(a)st we can to maintain the biweeklies and other tournaments.

BEAST 7 has been added to the schedule page where you can find more information about the event. For even more information visit their website !
Last year (BEAST 6) was known for iStudying making quite the uproar. And we we’re excited to say that to be part of the current edition! What will happen this year?

See you all in Sweden
– Lonpos :pacman: