We are Bring Your Own Controller

BYOController (abbreviated BYOC or fully written: “Bring Your Own Controller”) is a dutch smash tournament/media organisation founded in September 2015 by Lonpos and Binkie. The group started with a desire by both wanting to try out and run a tournament.
It experienced a rapid growth by running one of the most popular dutch weekly Smash Bros. tournaments, Counterpick, with Gijsbeer as their new TO.
By providing the Dutch community a platform to rewatch their matches the scene quickly began to develop even further. Without these people BYOC would not be as it is today!

Roland ‘Lonpos’ Volbeda

Head of Bring Your Own Controller

Robin ‘Binkie’ Logger

Head of Bring Your Own Controller

Gijs ‘Gijsbeer’ van Dieren

Commentator and representative of the Counterpick series

Paul ‘Nesstea’ Nganga

Tournament Organizer of the Counterpick Series

Filip ‘ZantG’ Ferenc

Social manager, commentator